Mista Chatman- “WRONG ONE” new single for #BandcampFriday March 5th

So what makes people make #WrongDecisions when they know better? I’ll be pondering this question with my new single “WRONG ONE” as well as bringing back the art of raggamuffin storytelling as I chat bout 2 individuals who’ve made wrong decisions in their lives. And this upcoming #BandcampFriday March 5th, you can get a special pre- release copy of this new Dancehall single before it’s available everywhere.

I’ll be donating all proceeds made from this single (or any purchase made on Bandcamp) to the Bread Of Life homeless shelter in Pioneer Square, Seattle/WA.  Check my Bandcamp page next Friday March 5th to get the single:



#Dancehall #ReggaeFusion #WrongOne

Amazon recommends my own CD to me!

I never would have imagined Amazon recommending my own CD to me for purchase. And at $902USD!! This is my CD “Uptown/Downtown” from 2000. The post Valentine’s Day song I posted “Get Along” is from this CD. It’s rare, but this is a collector item’s price .Wow! Here’s the link: Uptown/Downtown


Mac Mini M1

My desktop (2015 IMac purchased in 2016) had started getting slow last year. I upgraded it to the Mojave OS and that made it even slower. Even after a clean install, still slow. So, I went ahead and got one of these. Ultimately I want a new IMac with M1 chip, but not coming until end of year. This one arrives in April. I’m looking forward to working with the new Apple silicon chip and look at this machine as a entry level into it. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out. #macminim1 http://www.mistachatman.com

RIP Daddy U-Roy (JA) & Prince Markie Dee (NYC)

As many of you know already, last week we lost 2 major influences in the worlds of Reggae Dancehall & Old skool Hip-Hop: Jamaica’s Daddy U-Roy & Prince Markie Dee from the NYC Hip Hop crew- The Fat Boys. And since I come from a background of Hip Hop, Reggae & Dance music, both of these artists had a direct influence on what I do today creatively.

I had the opportunity to open for Daddy U-Roy back in 1994 when I was part of the California based soundsystem- The Positive Sound Massive. The venue was called La Salle’s, and none other than the veteran Jamaican DJ Nicodemus was the one who drove us from San Francisco to the show in Chico. And he wasn’t even on the bill! During those times he was going back n’ forth between NYC & Cali and was part of the soundsystem too. I also remember right when U Roy started his set, I went outside to finish a spliff and a couple Rasta came outside to tell me to go back in. They said, “that’s why he’s called the teacher, when he dj’s you must study and learn his every movement”. And I never had any interaction with Prince Markie Dee, but I have been a long time fan of The Fat Boys and still remember their heyday period. They were Massive! I also respect how they held it down with their talent and creativity, and made it successful. And Prince Markie Dee turned out to be a great talent as a solo artist and producer of major hits for other artists. Without the influence of either one of these artists, what I do creatively would even exist. RIP to both these musical giants. www.mistachatman.com

Welcome to my new website! mistachatman.com

I needed a website to serve as a station for all of my musical outputs, travel and creative lifestyle posts. I will of course still maintain my other social media sites, but this page will give the Chatlife a base. Go check it out and sign in on the email list..NUFF RESPECT!! https://www.mistachatman.com/


Thanx to you all showing support and listens, I’ve been atop the REVERBNATION #Reggae charts for the past couple weeks. Tonite I sit at #1 Local #3 National and #6 Global. And since “Big Tyma” is the current star of the show, I thought it would be fun to do a remix and gift it to you guys as my way of saying Thanks! The original version of this song has a lo-fi, grimey feel to it while the Alley Chat Rmx brings in some global dancehall flavor to the mix! Once again, Thank you for being a part of the Chatlife…