CHATBOUT outta road in Chicago!

CHICAGO!! I’m in your area and I’ll be filming the season 3 premier of CHATBOUT here! The topic is on my memories of the Chicago House Music scene from the past and the fusion of Ragga Dancehall and House aka Ragga House!! Gonna be a fun trip down memory lane…don’t miss the premier Nov1st!

CHATBOUT!: One more ting…THANK YOU!!

CHATBOUT! Season Finale: Be who you wanna be, they’re gonna hate anyways!

CHATBOUT!: Respond, don’t react…

New day for CHATBOUT!: Sundays 11am IGTV @chatattak Rebroadcast on Youtube

Sunday mornings longside your coffee and spliff, chune into CHATBOUT to hear reasonings about life topics inspired by independent Reggae artists and you hear the chunes too! Since I started the vlog this past April, I’ve featured Reggae artists from Jamaica, Brooklyn, London, Italy, Seattle, Georgia, Africa & Canada. Truly a worldwide ting! If you’re a independent Reggae artist, I’d like to feature you too..Link Up if interested!! And make sure to follow me on Instagram at: I’ll also be rebroadcasting the episodes on my YouTube page starting Sunday so CHATLIFE got you covered!!

CHATBOUT!: Maintaining inner peace

CHATBOUT!: Maintaining Inner Peace…Tomorrow morning IGTV

Tomorrow morning I’ll be releasing a new ChatBout vlog on things I do to maintain inner peace in these uncertain times. If there is another sync glitch, I will podcast the episode. But first tune in before noon on IGTV…